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    Sometimes, it can get a lot of time/problem/money to get a visa depending on your destination and on your nationality. Based on my little experience , I will explain what I did to obtain visa B1 for the USA, resident visa for Dubai, visa for Vietnam and the visa for Azerbaijan with my french passport. […]

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    Insurance is a big part of the budget as well, but in my opinion we shouldn’t neglect it. I had experienced while I was travelling in the US a visit to hospital which costs me 1000$ and it was almost nothing… I used to have an insurance at this time hopefully. In life, we never […]

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    This is a small list of trails I want to do in my life : Pacific crest trail (PCT) : I discover this one while watching this movie Wild, in the plane. It’s a huge adventure. Basically, it’s going from south to north or north to south as you prefer on the west US coast, […]

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    I love kayaking, hiking, snorkeling, playing muay thai but there is still a lot of things on my bucket list as activities. Everytime I can learn something new, I am just like a kid in front of a sweet shop (or simply I am just me in front of a sweet shop, yes I love […]

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    Easter Island: The famed Easter Island is truly a sad story about what happens when deforestation is allowed to go to the extreme. Today, about 5,000 people inhabit the island; about half of them are native people. Because there have been a large number of tourists recently, plans are being made to possibly limit how many people […]